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We have succeeded in refinement of surface texture of shafts by YSK technology of induction hardening treatment. At last high strengthened shaft is born by this texture refinement. It is 1.4 times of rotating strength and 10 times of abrasion resistance strength than conventional shafts. We have substantiated compacting and weight reduction of shafts for press machines and rolling rollers. The refinement shafts solve your problems and respond to a demand, Our technology can make shafts with further strength and further prolong it's life.

Why could YSK make high-strengthened shafts? Because we have made surface texture be refinement.

Instead of depending on adding alloy elements, we refine crystal grains by using our induction hardening technology and have succeeded increase the strength of steel.

Verified data of high-strengthened shaft

Please look at the ability of refinement high strength shafts by verified data.

Increasing of the rotary strength


Increasing of abrasion resistance strength

HOME > Products introduction > Refinement High-strengthened shaft